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CAPS Unlock is a Central Asia-focused policy center in the tradition of Europe’s “think-and-do” tanks.  We track and anticipate important policy developments and challenges in the region, commission or conduct in-depth analyses, publish critiques and recommendations, and make grants to nongovernmental organizations and others to test policy alternatives and proposed solutions.

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Photo by: Adamdar/Central Asia


“To ensure that the case for democracy and open society in Central Asia is well supported, regionally and internationally, with high-quality research and compelling policy solutions”.


Social and Economic Justice

Climate Change and Human Security

Digital Democracy

Central Asia and the International Community

Фото: Adamdar/Central Asia
Photo by: Adamdar/Central Asia
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CAPS Unlock is the successor institution to the Soros Foundation Kazakhstan, which over the course of 26 years provided grants to nonprofits, researchers and universities, artists, and thinkers.  Central to the work of the foundation was developing policy professionals able to provide independent analyses and recommendations, as well as funding civil society institutions focused broadly on rights.  CAPSUnlock builds on the institutional capacities, programmatic strengths, and international contacts of the foundation and focuses these on policy products that continue to make the case for democracy and open society and address critical challenges arising in Central Asia.

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